Thursday, February 26, 2015



Ah, the Jim Morrison Days. How I look back on them fondly. It wasn’t just the behavior. It wasn’t just the fact that the booze, women, and bad food (pizza and cafeteria) were readily consumed. I had it going. I graduated near the top of my class. Despite my lifestyle, the extra weight looked good. I’m thin by nature, and so when you combine weight lifting plus a four-thousand calorie a day diet, let’s just say there still wasn’t much fat to be seen on the bod.

My college girlfriend is pictured above. No, this is not a picture from college. This is what she looks like TODAY. I can't believe it either. What the hell was I thinking? I should have just gotten down on my knee and proposed on our first date. Damn.

I was reminded of my younger years recently when a woman I’ve been seeing shared a picture of herself from her twenties.

“Pretty.” I said.

“Well.” She responded.

“Well what?”

“Are you going to share a picture of yourself?”

“From my twenties?”


“You don’t want to see that.”

“Why not?”

“You just don’t.”


“OK, I’ll share. But you will be disappointed.”

I texted the pic.

“OMG! WOW!! What are you talking about? Disappointed? You could have been a model.”

“Disappointed in who you are dating now.” I said.

This got a pretty good laugh out of her.

I’m OK with where things are at for me physically speaking. The hair is thinner, and not a bundle of thick curls. And because I can’t grow it out Bob-Dylan style anymore, I just shave it off. Would it be nice to have a full, thick head of hair? Sure. Am I going to worry about it? No. Maybe science will figure something out by the time I turn 60. If not, I’m good.

I once looked like that. I don’t have to look like that today to feel great about my life.

I’m here to parent my kids and be an effective and successful business professional. I’m here to explore and learn. To become more fulfilled.

Life is good.

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