Friday, January 30, 2015

I'm Hot!!! (or maybe not)


In earlier posts I mentioned that I'm often the target of "women" with seemingly bogus profiles. The above two pictures are the actual pictures of the last two "28-year-olds" who favorited me. Funny thing, the day after we favorited each other, their profiles disappeared. Anyway, I thought you'd enjoy this real email I got from another "hot chick."

Re:A Desperate female Friend Whom Likes Your Profile!!!

    Pardon to catch you unaware. I had to do this because i m desperate to connect with you and I was thinking if this was right? let me be the criminal... lol....I’m very    fun to be around with... Perhaps that you will have to find out, if you give me the privilege to know you?. I think this idea is creative lol.

    My name is Kathleen and I’m using my sick cousin profile. I’m 40 years of age, Attached lawyer, widow, 5.11ft tall, cutie, with good sense of humor. Age is a number.

    I m not a registered member yet and this not my account and photos. It's for my sick cousin whom I visited then she wanted to show me around online dating. I got attracted to your write up, and i think we have some things in common to share and also discuss a proposal surrounding the last resort of our late client.

    Feel free to contact me on my email and i will tell you more about this and send you my current pictures as well.

    kathleenmoore20015 @ g m a i l . c o m

    Looking forward
    Sent From My IPhone

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