Monday, January 5, 2015

The Invisible Hand

I mentioned earlier that I made it through much of my life without realizing I had a thing for Susan Sarandon. I made this discovery recently when I noticed that I was communicating with three women all of whom could be mistaken for Sarandon cousins.

First, there was Hockey Mom, who recently broke a six-month silence to respond to my holiday greetings. And then there are the above two, whom I've now gone out with twice each. Yes, I know. Dating two women at the same time. I don't like it either, and that is why I tried to adhere to the one-person rule, until everyone I knew told me how ridiculous it was for me to apply the rule in favor of a woman who I had only started messaging and never even met.

Well, as ridiculous as the rule might be, it does have its endearing qualities. Take Sarandon II and Sarandon III. Sarandon II wears her hair curly, has more energy, and is my age. Sarandon III is mellower and 8 years my senior. I'd rather not stop seeing either one, and am disinclined to apprise either one that I'm dating the other.

But guess what?

Things may be working themselves out on their own.

Sarandon III and I have two dates scheduled in the next 10 days.  Sarandon II hasn't been communicating much. Ordinarily, when someone I've been chatting with stops communicating, I move on. I don't pursue. I'm not territorial or possessive. I'm the anti-stalker. We're adults here. The days of pursuing each other like animals in heat are over. If you want to keep my attention, say something!

So Sarandon II may fall by the wayside due to lack of communication.

This is OK, because Sarandon III is much better for me. I already pointed out many of her merits in an earlier post. But her biggest asset is her disposition. She's mellow. After the last nine years of hell called my marriage, you have no idea how welcome "mellow" is.

And if everyone I was talking to whittled themselves down to one all on their own, this raises the question of why? How did I get so lucky? It suggests an invisible or unseen hand in play.

We'll talk more about this later.

But I'm not ruling it out at the moment.

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