Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Dating Does have its Advantages . . .

I haven't even been divorced one year, and a day doesn't go by where I don't think to myself I ain't ever doin' that again (getting married).


I'm having a messaging conversation with a trail runner. It's your basic online dating conversation. An email here, silence, an email there, more silence. Most of these conversations typically come to an end for no particular reason other than short attention spans. I now look at these endings as gifts. I mean, come on. Who are we fooling? If you can't keep a conversation going with any regularity, what's the chance of you ever having enough energy or attention to keep dating the same person over any length of time?

In this case, the conversation was nominally interesting, with ample periods of silence in between messages. Then, out of the blue, I get an email from her telling me how she was just "chewed out" for being a liar by someone else on the board. The trail runner hadn't lived with her husband for more than two years, and had been dating for almost as long. However, the legal paper work making the divorce final had not been finalized.

When someone else on the dating site found this out, he went off on my trail runner friend for having called herself "divorced" in her profile. She shared with me part of what he said, and let me just say this:


Isn't this why we are all divorced?

I mean, aren't we trying to escape all the fighting and arguing?

And here some guy decides he going to pick on this poor woman on a mere technicality.


People need to learn some new coping mechanisms.

Mine is called moving on.

If you don't like something someone else is doing, just move on.

It's easy.

Much easier now than when you are married.

No paper work. No child support. No anything.

Just move on.

Any questions?

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